We’ve changed the way we operate our business. Why? Because we want to help Kiwis help themselves. One great loan at a time.

  • Interest Rates from 8.95%
  • Save on Fees when you apply online
  • Save on Insurance when you apply online
  • Make Bulk Payments to your loan without any extra fees

Our no obligation Loan Enquiry takes around 5 – 10 minutes.

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Being approved by Geneva online for a car loan BEFORE you go to a dealer is the SMARTEST way to finance your vehicle.

On top of the discounts on fees and great interest rates we offer to online loan applications you will be a cash buyer. You can save by offering the dealer cash AND on all the hidden fees you have to pay when you get your finance through the dealer.

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Why Geneva?

Our New Online System:

  • We can offer some of the lowest interest rates in New Zealand
  • We can offer some of smallest fee charges in New Zealand
  • Fast, Easy and Simple for you to use
  • Great service from our expert lenders to make sure you get the right loan for your individual situation

No Mucking Around:

  • Our Online Enquiry Application usually takes between 5-10 Minutes
  • We respond instantly, letting you know if we can help you
  • From there we assign a lender to work with you to produce an offer with a complete picture of your loan. Obligation free
  • If you accept you could have the money in your account within 24 Hours

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  • Geneva’s full range of Interest Rates

    We calculate all of our interest loan rates on a case by case basis. This means you get the best possible rate you can with Geneva Finance based on your unique situation.

    We calculate our loan rates based on our customer’s:

    • age
    • credit history
    • residential and employment stability
    • financial obligations
    • licence type held (for Motor Vehicle Loans); and
    • security that is offered as collateral against the loan (if any).

    MOTOR VEHICLE LOANS (including broker introduced)
    Interest rates vary between: 8.95% – 28.95% per annum

  • A full disclosure of Geneva’s fees

    Loan Application and Account Maintenance

    Unlike other finance companies or banks, Geneva does not have a flat rate for fees. We have a minimal number of fees to cover administration costs associated with your loan, and we only charge for services you are using. As everybody’s loan is different, everybody’s fees are different too. All the fees you are required to pay are worked out and included in the loan offer we provide you after your loan enquiry. This means there are no surprises or hidden costs, and we are upfront with you from the beginning about the structure of our loans.

    Only a handful of standard fees apply to all loans.


    Loan Establishment:
    This is a one-off fee that relates to Geneva’s cost of the receiving and processing an application and the acceptance and establishment of the loan. Instead of a flat fee, like most finance companies, Geneva varies this rate depending on the reason for the loan, e.g. refinancing of an existing loan starts from $50. A new loan application has a fee of up to $345.

    Loan Administration:
    This fee relates to the cost for maintaining the servicing of the loan. The cost is $2 per week. This charge may be added to your loan on a weekly ($2), fortnightly ($4) or monthly ($8) basis, to match your preferred payment frequency.


    Cost Recoveries:

    These fees are a direct recovery of 3rd party costs (e.g. cost of registering our security interest with the PPSR on any security used against a loan as collateral) and other 3rd party fees associated with the establishment of the loan (e.g. for Credit Checks, Vehicle Checks, Identity Verification Checks). The total cost recovery will typically be less than $35 and will comprise only the actual costs incurred by Geneva in setting up your loan.



    Additional fees that can be charged to your loan:

    When your loan is referred to Geneva by An Introducer.

    If your loan is referred to Geneva by an introducer (e.g. A Broker or Car Dealer) you may be charged a referral fee. Geneva limits this fee to a maximum of $750, however, it can be less, under negotiation between yourself and the introducer. Geneva pays this fee directly to the introducer and it is added to your loan. It is also disclosed on the loan which you sign. If you deal directly with Geneva then there is no referral fee.

    When you request modifications to your loan agreement.

    These fees apply where you varying your loan e.g. Changing a security, repaying the loan early. These fees are set out in detail in the PDF attachment referred to below.



    Collection Fees are only payable If you fall behind in your loan repayments.

    If you are having trouble making your loan repayments ring our collections team on:


    We will work with you to minimise your costs. These fees are set out in detail in the PDF attachment referred to below.



    Click here for a full schedule of our fees

  • Making Bulk Payments

    Unlike most other finance companies, we allow our customers to make bulk payments against their loan without penalising you. If our customers want to pay off a big lump of their loan in one go, or even the whole thing at once we gladly let them! No hidden fees or extra costs, just us being flexible to help you.

  • Everything I need ready to start an application

    • If you are securing your loan with a motor vehicle you’ll need the vehicle’s registration number
    • Email Address
    • Be aware of what your weekly income is
    • Be aware of what your weekly housing costs are

    Other than that it’s all personal information you will be able to remember off the top of your head.

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Our no obligation Loan Enquiry takes around 5 - 10 minutes.

Find out straightaway if you qualify.

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Financial Services Policy Disclosure

We provide loans with terms from 6 months to 60 months and our annual interest rates (AIR) are fixed for the term of the agreement. Our annual interest rates range from 8.95% to 28.95% depending on your credit profile, the collateral and several other factors that are calculated in accordance with the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act 2003 (CCCFA). Your loan contract will show all applicable credit fees and charges. See our ‘Everything You Need to Know’ page of our website for further details and please use the loan calculator. As an example, on a typical loan, if you borrowed $5,000 at 16.95% AIR and made repayments over 12 months your total repayments would be $6,059.38 which includes $450 establishment fee, $104 administration fee ($8.60 per month) and interest of $484.28.